Meeting scope and objective

The progress of computers and computing technology over the last decades has simplified significantly the collecting, storage and processing of data about key processes in manufacturing, business and economics. Improving integration raises manufacturing quality, quickens response to the market, and lowers unit costs. Using computers to integrate manufacture involve planning and linking a variety of operating and management systems together to support decision making in complex systems such as extended enterprises and financial markets. So, both producers and customers are embracing new computational methods and tools for advanced modeling, analysis and decision making.

Special attention will be paid to concurrent consideration of technological and control problems. The workshop will bring together wide range of specialists from academia, R&D firms and industry in order to discuss and exchange experience in the field of theory and application of knowledge engineering based decision support systems. In this context the workshop will focus on techniques and technologies standing behind of decision engineering methods aimed at real life applications.

Meeting topics

The workshop covers all theoretical and application oriented aspects of intelligent manufacturing systems. The list of topics includes but is not limited to:

  • the state-of-the-art and future trends in intelligent manufacturing systems, including: computer integrated manufacturing, agile manufacturing, flexible manufacturing systems, virtual manufacturing, business process re-engineering for manufacturing, multi-sensory systems and computer vision.
  • application of knowledge engineering based systems, including: multi-agent systems, knowledge-based systems, knowledge discovery and data mining, fuzzy logic and fuzzy computing, neural networks and evolutionary computation, constraints programming, decision support and expert systems.
  • manufacturing systems, including:, material transfer and storage systems, CAD/CAM/CAE., AGVS, production planning, scheduling and control, quality process control, system design and integration, fault diagnosis and control.

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Draft papers
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